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Locally Leesburg Program

The “Locally Leesburg” program is your resource for everything Leesburg! It is here to highlight the many facets of Leesburg that make it a true destination of choice for business, visitors, and residents.  Take a few minutes to look at the Locally Leesburg Business Directory to see the wide variety of businesses and business services offered in Leesburg. Additionally, enjoy the  Locally Leesburg Business Showcase Video Series that  highlights many of the small businesses in Leesburg . Videos are added to this library weekly.

If you want to find a great place to dine, or shop in the Downtown area use this Locally Leesburg Map [the map image below links to a downloadable PDF].

If you would like for your business to be included in the Locally Leesburg Directory or Locally Leesburg Video showcase or to learn more about this program please contact Melanie Scoggins at [email protected] or Allison Wood at [email protected].

Locally Leesburg Business Showcase

Here you will find links to a series of short videos introducing you to Leesburg’s diverse business community. Videos will be added to the library regularly so that you can see all that Leesburg has to offer and learn about the places you have been or would like to go. If you are opening a business in Leesburg use this resource to learn about the success of our local business community.

Locally Leesburg Video Archive