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The Town of Leesburg strives to stay connected to our business community, and we’ve found one of the best ways to do that is through a variety of business events – celebratory, informative, problem-solving, or networking. Below you will find descriptions of these events and opportunities to register to participate or host events such as ribbon cuttings.

The 2024 Leesburg Small Business Award Nomination period is open! The annual Leesburg Business Awards will be held on Wednesday, May 1, 2024 from 6:30 – 8:30. The Leesburg location will be announced soon!  This year there are six categories to nominate businesses in to showcase the best of the best Leesburg has to offer.

Eligible nominees for all categories must have the primary physical location of the company, organization, or business entity within the corporate limits of the Town of Leesburg. Businesses must possess a valid Town of Leesburg business license or be a registered non-profit organization with the town, be in compliance with all Town regulations, and have been in operation for at least one year. Persons nominated for the George C. Marshall Corporate Citizen Award do not need to reside within the Town. You will find the nomination form below. Please contact Melanie Scoggins with any questions at [email protected].

Information regarding the 2024 Business Award categories is below:

Community Ambassador Award

This award celebrates a business or organization that contributes its time, talent, and resources to promote a positive image of Leesburg. Candidates go beyond the daily routine of their work to reach deeper into the Leesburg community to assist others, locate or grow a business, bring attention and recognition to the community as a business location, and/or tourist destination that is a great place to locate, live, and explore. This award may be given to either a for-profit or non-profit business.

Helpful criteria might include:

  • Documentation of a specific event or marketing program that brings people to Leesburg to experience the Town from a business or tourism perspective.
  • A proven business model that attracts business clients, vendors, or other guests to Leesburg in their course of doing business.
  • Exhibition of humanitarian efforts or environmental awareness, illustrated through events, unique programs, or financial contributions.
  • Recognition of an individual, business, or organization that supports veterans and/or first responders that create a community and environment that is a safe place to locate, live and explore.

Innovations Award

This award was created to celebrate a business or organization that executes an innovative business venture, unique product or service development, or other cutting edge business practice. Entries are recognized for originality and invention. This award must go to a for-profit business.

 Helpful criteria might include:

  • Specific relevance of the innovation. Has it solved a problem? If so, what, and how?
  • Documented outstanding design or implementation of a plan, program, product, service, or an event.
  • Explanation of a particular innovation or the development/use of a new technology.

 New/Expanding Business Award

This award celebrates a new or expanding business that either registered as a new business or expanded their current operations/investment in Leesburg between January 1, 2022, and December 31, 2023.  The successful candidate will promote the unique business culture of Leesburg, while acting as a pioneer in enriching the Town’s future. This award must go to a for profit business.

Helpful criteria might include:

  • Demonstration of capacity for business longevity in the Leesburg business community.
  • Has demonstrated business or community leadership.
  • The positive and lasting value and commitment the new/expanding business will have on the community.

Arts and Culture Award

This award celebrates a business, organization or individual that contributes to or actively supports the arts, within the Town of Leesburg. Candidates in this category include artists, events or programs that promote Leesburg as a hub of arts and culture. This award may be given to either a for-profit or non-profit business.

Helpful criteria might include:

  • Documentation of increased awareness of the arts in Leesburg as promoted by this business, organization or individual.
  • Leadership and creativity illustrated in programs that boosted the arts in Leesburg.
  • Example of how the organization is making the arts more accessible in Leesburg.

 Non-Profit/Philanthropic Award

This award celebrates an organization that serves or benefits Leesburg Residents and/or businesses and demonstrates, through direct involvement, exceptional commitment to the community.   Examples may include providing resource support, financial support, and/or leadership to enhance the quality of life in Leesburg for residents and visitors. This organization should be a registered charitable organization or be incorporated as a nonprofit organization.

Helpful criteria might include:

  • Review of the organization program or campaign that provides resources or support Leesburg residents or business communities and documentation of the impact it has made on the quality of life in the Town of Leesburg.

People’s Choice Award

We’re thrilled to announce the addition of a People’s Choice Award for the upcoming 2024 Leesburg Business Awards! After the announcement of all category nominees in February, we invite the public to cast their votes and choose their favorite Leesburg Business for this special recognition.

 The George C. Marshall Award

This award celebrates an individual who has demonstrated an exemplary commitment to the community above and beyond business contributions. Entries in this category are awarded to community leaders who have demonstrated leadership, vision, and community service that our esteemed George C. Marshall would have admired. Individuals are not required to be Leesburg residents but must be connected to a Leesburg business or organization.

 Helpful criteria might include:

  • The legacy of the contribution: the passion, drive, team building ability of the individual as it relates to sustainable economic development in the Town of Leesburg.
  • How will this individual be remembered in future years?

Quarterly HUBZone Meetings

The first quarterly HUBZone meeting of 2024 will take place on Thursday, March  7th and attendees will hear from Michelle Burnett, Executive Director, HUBZone Contractors National Council.

Michelle Burnett is a dedicated advocate and seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in supporting and championing the HUBZone small business community. Her journey into the world of HUBZone began in 2008 when she joined the Small Business Administration (SBA) as a contractor. During this initial encounter, Michelle gained a profound understanding of the HUBZone program and the transformative impact it could have on communities and businesses alike.

Although her tenure at the SBA was brief, the impact of the HUBZone community left an indelible mark on Michelle’s career trajectory. After completing her contract with the SBA in 2012, she continued her commitment to the HUBZone community by dedicating almost five years to volunteering with the HUBZone Council and its members. Her dedication and passion for the cause eventually led to her appointment as the Executive Director of the HUBZone Contractors National Council in 2018.

Before taking on her role as Executive Director, Michelle Burnett wore various hats within the Government Contracting industry. She served as a Facility Security Officer and a Business Development Representative, gaining a multifaceted understanding of the intricacies of the field. These experiences, coupled with her extensive involvement in various contract support roles, provided her with invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities that businesses face in Government Contracting.

This meeting is geared toward Current HUBZone Certified Businesses and Businesses Considering Certification. There will be opportunities to ask questions and get feedback from the speakers.


  • Michelle Burnett, Executive Director, HUBZone Contractors National Council.
  • Lisa Cusack, CEO Custom Software Systems, Inc    
  • Bob Cusack, COO Custom Software Systems, Inc.

When: Thursday, March 7th 2024, from 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.  

Where:  In person at Clearfocus Technologies 305 Harrison Street SE, Suite 100B Leesburg, VA 20175


Virtually via a Teams invite, please make sure to include your email address in your registration to receive the link.

Please contact Melanie Scoggins with any questions regarding these events at [email protected] or 571-271-1206. 

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Are You Hosting An Event?

Leesburg Economic Development wants to help Leesburg businesses promote their events in the community. Submit your event and, once approved, it will be listed on our Community Events page. If you are interested in future events to discuss the current business environment, please contact Melanie Scoggins.

Ribbon Cutting Request

We would be honored to help you celebrate your grand opening or anniversary with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Please fill out the request form below, and our team will get back to you shortly to discuss the details. 

Small Business Forum

Each year the Leesburg Economic Development Commission (EDC)  hosts at least two Small Business Forums where Leesburg Small Business owners and representatives  are invited  to discuss and provide inputs on focus areas for the EDC. The forums are free to attend, and a great way to network with other business areas. Specific information about each forum will be posted here with a link to RSVP to each event.

The 2021 Spring Business Forum was held April 22, 2021 virtually.  If you are interested in future events to discuss the current business environment, please contact Melanie Scoggins.

Grand Opening, Ribbon Cutting & Anniversary Ceremonies

Whether you are opening, expanding, or celebrating an anniversary, we are here to help you celebrate. At your request, we can assist with press releases, arrange ribbon cutting ceremonies or anniversary celebrations, and post your event on this calendar.

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