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Leesburg’s Interactive Zoning Map provides around-the-clock access to zoning district and use information for parcels in the Town of Leesburg.  Users have the ability to zoom and click in a general area of the Town or use the search box for a specific address.  The tool bar in the top left also provides options to change the base layer, measure distances, and share information you find through various social media outlets. 

Please Note: When doing an address search, you will see an information box pop up which is particular to that address.  Simply click out of the box and into the foreground color of the zoning district returned to view information related to uses and use standards within the district.  

Information provided in this map is general to the zoning district and does not include specific proffer information related to previous legislative actions.   Generally, these are the PRC, PRN, and PEC Planned Districts. For information regarding proffers, please contact the Planning & Zoning Department at 703-771-2765.

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