Cycling Through Leesburg: A Guide to Trails and Shops

May is not just about flowers blooming and warmer weather; it’s also about celebrating a sustainable mode of transportation — biking. As we gear up for Bike to Work Day on May 17th, Leesburg offers a plethora of opportunities for cyclists to explore its scenic trails and vibrant biking community.

Bike to Work Day: May 17th

Bike to Work Day is not just a single day event but a celebration of a lifestyle that promotes health, sustainability, and camaraderie. Leesburg joins this regional event, encouraging residents and visitors alike to ditch their cars and embrace pedal power. It’s a day when streets buzz with the hum of bicycles, and commuters trade traffic jams for fresh air and exercise. In Leesburg, Raflo Park stands as a pit stop, offering participants a chance to refuel with snacks and pick up free T-shirts before continuing their journey to work. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a novice, Bike to Work Day is the perfect opportunity to join the movement and experience the joy of biking through Leesburg.

Exploring Leesburg’s Diverse Trails

Leesburg is blessed with a diverse array of trails that cater to every cyclist’s preference. The crown jewel is undoubtedly the Washington & Old Dominion Trail (W&OD), affectionately known as the skinniest park in Virginia. Stretching 45 miles from Shirlington to Purcellville, this paved pathway offers a scenic route through urban landscapes and Virginia’s countryside. Cyclists, runners, and skaters alike can enjoy this former railroad’s roadbed, with equestrians also welcome on the adjacent 32-mile gravel horse trail. With multiple access points and parking areas, the W&OD Trail beckons for exploration.

But Leesburg’s trail network doesn’t stop there. Thanks to the efforts of Bike Loudoun and the Leesburg Parks & Recreation Department, over 10 miles of shared-use paths, bike lanes, and bike routes connect to the W&OD Trail, forming the Leesburg Bike Trail Network. The Blue and Green Trails, marked by distinctive signs, wind through the town, offering cyclists routes ranging from leisurely to challenging. Gravel enthusiasts will find solace in less-traveled options, with gravel routes starting from Trek Bicycle at the Village at Leesburg or Rust Library leading to scenic destinations like Waterford.

For those seeking longer excursions, routes from Downtown Leesburg offer picturesque rides into rural Loudoun County. Whether heading north to Lovettsville or west to Purcellville, cyclists can start their day with a cup of coffee from one of the many coffee shops in the Leesburg Coffee Corridor and end with dinner at one of Downtown’s fantastic eateries.

Supporting Your Cycling Journey

No cycling adventure is complete without the right gear and support, and Leesburg has you covered. Trek Bicycle at the Village at Leesburg and Transition Triathlon, located near Raflo Park, offer a wide selection of bikes and accessories to meet every cyclist’s needs. Should your bike need repairs or maintenance, Plum Grove (Re)cyclery and Maverick Bikes Café stand ready to assist, with a focus on both new and used bikes and a commitment to community engagement.

For those looking to try something new, Pedego Electric Bikes offers electric bike rentals, perfect for exploring the W&OD Trail with ease. And for a convenient pit stop, Raflo Park provides water fountains and restrooms to refresh and recharge before hitting the trails again.

Leesburg invites cyclists of all levels to pedal through its scenic trails, experience its vibrant community, and embrace the joy of biking. Whether commuting to work or exploring the countryside, there’s no shortage of adventure awaiting on two wheels in Leesburg. So saddle up, grab your helmet, and let the journey begin!

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