Unlocking Leesburg’s Secrets: A Tourist’s Guide to History, Art, and Free Experiences

Leesburg welcomes visitors with open arms and promises an array of tours that cater to every interest. From the rich historical tapestry woven into the fabric of this town to unconventional and artistic explorations, Leesburg offers something that will make your visit an unforgettable experience.

In-Depth Dive into History

Leesburg’s historic district invites you to step back in time with the Historic Leesburg Walking Tours. This guided outdoor exploration unveils the town’s intriguing history, architecture, and lore. Wander through streets lined with houses from various design styles and time periods, and hear tales of Robert E. Lee’s Civil War invasion plans. Marvel at the fully restored art deco theater and immerse yourself in the seat of Loudoun County’s past. This 1 hour and 20-minute tour provides a fascinating glimpse into the heart of Leesburg.

Delve into the lavish history of the Morven Park Mansion, a Greek Revival masterpiece. Explore the opulent antiques collected by Westmoreland and Marguerite Davis, showcasing their civic and social lives during the early 20th century. The guided tour takes you through fully furnished rooms, providing a glimpse into the era’s grandeur. Step into Dodona Manor, the home of our nation’s remarkable General George C. Marshall. The 19th-century house and gardens, preserved to honor his leadership, offer public and private tours. Witness the legacy of the Marshall Plan and relive a moment when American leadership shaped the course of history.

Tours of Something Different

For those seeking a more unconventional experience, Leesburg offers a range of unique tours. Loudoun Art Tours shines a light on the town’s public art, weaving tales of history through murals and sculptures. Pedego Electric Bikes presents a fun and scenic bike tour along the W&OD Bike Trail, exploring local craft breweries on electric bikes. If you prefer self-guided experiences, The George C. Marshall Center offers exterior tours exploring the unique architecture, collection of rare trees, and garden (coming Spring 2024) of Dodona Manor.

Budget-Friendly Exploration

There are plenty of free opportunities to explore the beauty and history of Leesburg. The Very Virginia Shop conducts Free Historic Walking Tours every Saturday and Sunday at 12 pm, offering a delightful stroll through downtown Leesburg. The Thomas Balch Library, a genealogical haven, not only documents the town’s life, culture, and history but also offers free walking tours, including the Leesburg Tour and the Loudoun County Courthouse Historic Records Tour. Additionally, the Tour Leesburg App, featuring self-guided walking tours, can be accessed for free on your smartphone or internet browser. Choose from themes like African American History, Women’s History, and Loudoun County War Memorials to tailor your exploration.

Leesburg’s tours cater to diverse interests, ensuring that every visitor leaves with a deeper understanding of the town’s past, a newfound appreciation for its artistic spirit, and a pocketful of memories from budget-friendly adventures.

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