Step Onto the Set of A Holiday Movie in Leesburg

As the holiday season blankets Leesburg with a magical glow, the charming town transforms into a scene straight out of a heartwarming holiday movie. With its quaint streets and idyllic charm, Leesburg becomes a festive haven, evoking the spirit of classic and cheesy holiday movies alike. In this Holiday Movie Town, every corner is adorned with wreaths and twinkling lights, and every shop exudes warmth and cheer, making it the perfect setting for a joyful celebration.

Specialty Hot Chocolate Delights

Begin your holiday adventure with a cup of joy at The Conche, a chocolate-themed restaurant that weaves savory delights with artisanal chocolate desserts. Choose from an array of specialty hot chocolates, including the tempting Cookies & Cream and the rich Salted Caramel. For a unique twist, add your favorite cordial to elevate your hot chocolate experience.

Mocatinas, a dessert café and specialty candy shop, invites you to savor their decadent Smores Hot Chocolate. Meanwhile, Shoes Cup & Cork offers a Hot Chocolate menu featuring a Port Hot Chocolate and a delightful Hot Chocolate Flight, letting you explore all the richness and flavors of this winter favorite.

Best Pies in Town

No holiday celebration is complete without a slice of perfection from Mom’s Apple Pie. This iconic bakery, situated at the entrance of Leesburg’s historic downtown, boasts an incredible selection of pies, from traditional fruit pies to indulgent custard pies and special seasonal delights. Whether you’re a fan of nut pies, quiches, cookies, or cakes, Mom’s Apple Pie has something to satisfy every sweet tooth.

Dolce & Ciabatta, a specialty bakery using old-world artisan techniques, adds a touch of tradition with seasonal pie flavors, savory artisanal breads, and a classic Yule Log. Be sure to stop by Cowbell Kitchen, a farm and local producer-driven bakery, that will tantalize your taste buds with holiday pies, breakfast pastries, and sweet treats crafted to please any palate.

Holiday Events to Cherish

Immerse yourself in the festive spirit with a lineup of holiday events that define the magic of Leesburg. Jingle Jam, hosted at the Tally Ho, a remodeled art deco movie theater turned music venue, promises an evening of fun, holiday spirit, and music—all for a good cause. Tickets for this beloved event sell out early, with enthusiasts lining up eagerly.

The Holiday Spectacular Ice Show at Ion Arena unfolds an enchanting Christmas spectacle featuring Olympians and World Class Skaters. Glide into a winter wonderland as these performers gracefully twirl on the ice, bringing holiday cheer to life through breathtaking routines set to beloved seasonal songs.

Explore the Holiday Fine Arts and Craft Show, a haven for unique, handcrafted treasures from local and regional artisans. From candles to pottery, paintings to jewelry, and quilts and more, this show offers a delightful shopping experience away from big-box stores.

Witness the magical Leesburg Tree Lighting ceremony on the Town Green, where lights, live music, holiday characters, and community cheer come together.

Festive Family Experiences

Bring the family to the heart of Downtown Leesburg for the Mervin Jackson Park Light Show from 4:30pm to 9:45pm daily throughout the season. Enjoy a lighted musical display in the rose garden, surrounded by benches and a manicured landscape.

Claim your space at the Annual Christmas and Holiday Parade on the second Saturday of December, where Leesburg glitters and glows with the festive procession. The parade ushers Santa and friends down King Street, spreading holiday joy through Historic Downtown Leesburg.

Lastly, indulge in the magic of Storytime with Mrs. Claus in front of the Tree at the Village at Leesburg on Sundays in December. This event promises stories that inspire imagination and belief in the magic of the holidays.

In Leesburg, every sip, bite, and experience is a step into a holiday movie, where the spirit of the season comes alive in the most enchanting ways. Celebrate the magic, warmth, and joy of the holidays in the picturesque town of Leesburg—a true Holiday Movie Town.


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